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A leader in the awakening of a city that has been fortunate enough to have an abundance of good people, good businesses, and good organizations.

Vote Michael Murphy for Mayor of Mableton

Election Day: March 21st, 2023

Early Voting Begins: February 27th, 2023

Last Day to Register: February 21st, 2023



Michael Murphy and Wife

I am Michael Murphy, and I’m running for Mayor of Mableton on March 21st, 2023.

I’ve always been an advocate for the residents of South Cobb. Having lived in Mableton for 24 years, I’ve built my life right here in Mableton. With my experience in the community, I am ready to lead our new city into the future.

As an experienced businessman, I know the importance of being budget-conscious. I’m a small business owner here in Mableton, a former executive at Ford Motor Company and Dunkin Donuts, former chairman of the Austell Community Task Force, Vice Chair of the Family Life Restoration Center, and Former Special Assistant to the Late Cobb County Commission Chair, Mike Boyce.

I have the experience, vision, and integrity Mableton needs in this pivotal time.

As mayor of Mableton, I will:

  • Advocate for small businesses
  • Develop environmentally sensible solid waste solutions
  • Employ comprehensive development plans
  • Engage our youth through involvement activities and civic education
  • Champion affordable housing



Smart Growth

Support development and expansion that brings about economic growth, sensitivity to environmental health, connectivity, sociability, and environmental sustainability.

Fiscal Responsibility & Taxpayer Protection

Oppose tax increases without the consent of the voters. 

Small Business Supporter

Support interest for a MAP (Mableton Awards Program) for participating businesses to help keep and foster dollars staying in the city.

Revenue & Resource Enhancement

Explore avenues to increase monies into the general fund because of cityhood status. This would include grants; special exemptions and public/private enterprises that can better serve the residents. 

Community Connector

Continue being the lynchpin in connecting partners for the betterment of the community in areas of mutual interest.

Land Bank/Land Trust

Support for developing tax delinquent, vacant and dilapidated properties returning to the tax rolls. This would entail acquiring, extinguishing liens, and returning property to tax-paying status.

“All In” & Attainable Housing Programs

Support both federal and state programs initiatives to address homelessness and lack of home ownership options for working-class families